Friday, October 22, 2021

performance resources for musicians and singersPERFORMANCE RESOURCES | GIGS AND TOURING

With the decline in recorded music sales, musicians are relying more on touring income (ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorships, etc) as a way to earn a living. It's not easy to tour, and indeed most musicians come back from tours broke. The following resources can help to keep your tours organized. In addition, the Artist Management Manual will help you put together a tour correctly and show you how to make money in the process.

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 Marcato Musician

 GigThing - Gig Calendar & Tour Schedule

 The Indie Venue Bible

 Festival Network Online | FNO

 Festival Finder - Music Festivals

 Gig Masters


 TourIntel - Concert Business Intelligence

 Eventbrite - Sell Tickets Online



 Squareup - Accept Credit Cards Anywhere

 Bandago - Van & Equipment Rentals for Musicians

 SplitGigs - The Easiest Way to Find Gigs to Play

 Concert Ideas - College Concert Booking

 Concerts in Your Home


 Better Than The Van (BTTV) - Free Places to Stay on Tour

 Indie on the Move

 iPhone App - Independent Musician's Touring Guide

 The Band Leader software




 Artist Growth